The Tale of Skid Row

skid row 2

One thing we love here at Luxurious Lumberjacks is the ever-flowing profusion of feedback (thank you!!) from our customers about varying subjects. When we decided to switch to screw-top containers, it was because you told us the pain-in-the-ass, Alcatraz style pop-offs were no good. If we modify one of our recipes to cut the power of a particular note, it’s because you tell us it’s too strong. Even while creating our roadmap for the coming year, we are keeping our ears open as we roll out prototypes for our newest products, and listening intently to the compliments and criticisms before releasing them to the world.


So, when so many of you keep asking why we would name our flagship scent after a mediocre 80’s hair band, that tells us that it’s story time.


Our pine-based balm is where it all started for us. Before we decided to sell Skid Row, we were just making and using it for our own beards. Though still unnamed at the time, it was super effective in the way it made our beards look and smell healthier, manlier, and sexier than ever before. We felt it was the perfect coalescence of rugged and classy. It was during the development of Skid Row that we knew we had something worth sharing. So we set off on a quest to find the right name; a name that would convey the essence of a Luxurious Lumberjack.


During that time, we spent more time researching forestry and wood-cutting paraphernalia than four suburbian 20-something guys ever should. When lumberjacks venture into the forest for a day’s work, they need a way to transport their logs out of the woods and onto the truck. The timbers are skidded down paths through hills or in forests, and those paths are known as Skid Rows.


We did toy with a number of other names. Someone threw “Flannel” out there, which made virtually zero sense. We thought about simply calling it “Pine”, but that really doesn’t do justice to the subtle but essential notes in the composition that make it unique. At one point, “Buzz Saw” was considered (because it smells so good that it cuts… women’s bras off?) But when we heard the story behind the term Skid Row, we felt it was a winner.


Also, 18 and Life kind of rocks.