New products lurking…

The holidays are a crazy time for us all. But here at LL, we are working as hard as ever to deliver more ways for the world to keep its manhood revved at full throttle. We can’t reveal all the juicy details just yet, but we can say we’ve been toying with new scents, concoction, and other ideas for the new year.

2015 was the year of inception for Luxurious Lumberjacks, LLC. It was the year we landed our first client. It was the year we launched our online store. But most importantly, it was the year we decided to embark on what has already been such a wild journey. We’re riding on a sea of excitement and potential that continues to ebb and flow thanks to all of your support and interest.

Thank you to those who continue to provide us with their feedback. We take every single Comment, Email, Message, and Come Hither Stare to heart so keep them coming!