Clean-cut V Super Stubble: Dawn of Ruggedness


Don’t worry folks; only one spoiler here: a scruffy Superman!

In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Caped Crusader squares off against the Man of Steel. And while Batman has always been seen as a Dark Knight, a vigilante, and an underground, alt-hero (even moreso in recent years) with a gritty undertone and haunted background, Superman has traditionally been all-righteous, with a backstory hardly any deeper than just acting as a caricature of man’s potential. It’s in his name. While other superheroes adopt a niche; a clear engine that drives their story and acts as their motivation, Superman is simply all the things a human can’t quite ever be. As the Superman canon evolved over the years, DC continually wrote more and more around the fantasies they thought people had, and just dumped them into Superman. Humans wish they can fly? Sure, Superman can do that. You work out every day to be as strong and/or ripped as possible? He’s 100 times stronger than the strongest human on the planet. Later on, he developed lasers that shoot from his eyes, class 5 hurricane wind-breath, x-ray vision, and telepathy. Hell, he even has a superhuman appetite.

Throughout the sexpot-laden film are plenty of gratuitous, shirtless shots of both the Guardian of Gotham and the Son of Krypton. And wouldn’t you know it – Superman has a hairy chest! What’s more is he can even be seen donning some facial hair at times.

So why does all this matter? Well, this may seem like a small nuance to some, but times, they are a-changin’. We are loving the idea of the Man of Tomorrow bringing in a new era of ruggedness along with his classiness. Traditionally his above-human skill-set is accompanied by a seriously cookie-cut appearance. Superman is always depicted as clean-shaven, and for decades that was society’s perception of this absolute specimen. A clean-cut stoic with an impressively vanilla visage who lives life by the golden rule. And while Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice certainly looks to break the mold and add to his backstory quite a bit, don’t overlook the significance of the film’s super-manscaping. 


By the way, we did receive an order for one Skid Row, one Sunburst, and one Spark to be shipped to the Daily Planet in Metropolis. How do you think Superman keeps that little curly-q so perfect whilst clearing tall buildings in single bounds?