Balm or Oil?

We get this question a lot: “Should I be using a balm or an oil?” And to be frank, the best answer is – it depends!

But we’re happy to help by providing some tips and information about beard balms and beard oils.

Did you know “How to use beard balm” was one of the top Google searches last year?

Here’s a hilarious chart we created (using actual data from Google.)

beard balm chart


First, let’s get all the facial hair noobies on the same page:

The key difference between balms and oils is their ability to hold. While both moisturize and condition your hair, balms have the added perk of being styling agents. We are certainly users of oils, ourselves, but feel that balms are a more robust and versatile product. That’s why we’ve focused on developing and perfecting them. Many of our most loyal customers use our balm to moisturize, style, and aromatize both their beards *and* their hair.

In terms of styling, if you have scruff or stubble, you’ll want the holding element of a balm in an effort to keep fly-aways tamed. Anything longer and your styling needs are now similar to the hair on your head; you’re not just taming but also shaping. In the former scenario, use about a dime-sized scoop and massage into your beard. If you are working on your hair or have a real beardy beard, you can use more.

The best time to apply is just after your face has been cleaned. Post-shower while your skin isn’t quite dry is the sweet-spot.

As for number of applications, do whatever is comfortable! Everyone’s beards and skin are different; some hold a smell very well, while others’ natural oils can become prominent after just a few hours after a wash. If you tend to have oily hair by the end of the day, any fragrance you apply to your hair or skin might be overpowered as well. Feel free to do second or third applications as the day goes on to reinforce the hold and rejuvenate the scent of the balm.

If you prefer oils, all of the above rules apply. Instead of a scoop, of course, use a few drops (most beard oils come with a dropper) and massage gently into your hair. As you massage, if you feel any particularly dry spots, you can add more.


That’s all for now! We hope that helps answer any questions you have about balms and oils.


We appreciate all the questions and feedback, and are happy to answer them, so keep them coming!


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